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"Go beyond the trend, Go Fashion forward with Nanis Jewels"
Choosing NANIS means to choose masterpieces of creativity, high quality craftsmanship and exclusive collections. Nanis jewels merged together diamonds, precious stones, mother of pearl and they are enriched with superb handmade finishing such as the meticulous manual engraving with the burin or the hand hammered finishing which make each piece a sole and unique jewel, perfect for people that are constantly reinventing themselves.

And voilà! The result is a jewel that can be reinvented: NANIS’ pendants can be converted into a bracelet, necklaces turn into belts, and modular earrings can be composed and worn in numerous different ways.

Jewelry pieces that range from a minimal design to fancy and highly wrought shapes, authentic fashion accessories, jewelry of great emotional impact and faultless finishing.
Jewels with plain gold, gold with diamonds and enrichments or natural color stones.
The perfect combination between 18kt Gold and 925 sterling silver enriched with marcasite beads, colorful is a unique expression of creativity.
Smooth lines for a clear-cut elegance, perfect creations. In Nanis highly developed technology is combined with manual skills for obtaining sophisticated working processes.

NANIS is committed in catching instantly the suggestions and hints of a world in a non-stop changing mood, knowing how to translate them into pieces full of charm and beauty.
Such skill is not only focused in the creation of high style jewelry but also in the research of refined merchandising material expressing the same elegance and avant-guard taste of the collections they support.

NANIS creative and production team is entirely in-house, in Trissino (Vicenza), a small village in the North-East of Italy.

World-wide distribution
NANIS exports in the entire world and it is particularly leant towards the U.S. market which NANIS consider the most appealing market. Indeed, NANIS takes part in the two most important American exhibitions, Couture in Las Vegas and Centurion in Arizona and it is present with its sales representative and with a U.S. office located in Miami in order to offer the best service ever to its customers.

NANIS also distributes direct to retailers in Italy and in most of the European and Mediterranean countries, Japan, United Arab Emirates and the Caribbean, Singapore and Malaysia, Russia.

NANIS also supports its customers in many different ways with local and national advertising campaigns: Harper’s Bazaar, W magazine, Town & Country. In fact, NANIS likes to consider its customers more as partners who play their active role in the new and fantastic adventure of consolidating and spreading the NANIS brand in the whole world.

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